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Conservation Commission

The Dorchester Conservation Commission has responsibility for the proper utilization and protection of the Town's natural resources and protection of the Town's watershed resources.

Conservation Commissions: Section 36-A:2

A commission shall consist of three (3) members, appointed for terms of one, two or three years, so that the terms of one third of the members will expire each year, and their successor shall be appointed for terms of three years each. The commission is to have the full powers and duties authorized by RSA 36-A established by approval of warrant article 2003 Town Meeting.

A city or town which accepts the provisions of this chapter may establish a conservation commission, hereinafter called the commission, for the proper utilization and protection of the natural resources and for the protection of watershed resources of said city or town. Such commission shall conduct researches into its local land and water areas and shall seek to coordinate the activities of unofficial bodies organized for similar purposes, and may advertise, prepare, print and distribute books, maps, charts, plans and pamphlets which in its judgment it deems necessary for its work. It shall keep an index of all open space and natural, aesthetic or ecological areas within the city or town, as the case may be, with the plan of obtaining information pertinent to proper utilization of such areas, including lands owned by the state or lands owned by a town or city. It shall keep an index of all marshlands, swamps and all other wet lands in a like manner, and may recommend to the city council or selectmen or to the department of resources and economic development a program for the protection, development or better utilization of all such areas.


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