The Town of Dorchester NH is seeking bids to complete paving projects in the Town. All bidders are required to submit a bid for the following….


- Two sections on River Road and one on Streeter Woods Road

- 1. River Road: Approximately 2,740x19’, paved shim finish 2” average with ½ inch NHDOT mix (approximately 5,785 sy). Grind two butt joints and tack coat.

- 2. River Road: Approximately 766x19’, paved shim finish 2” average with ½ inch NHDOT mix (approximately 1,786 sy). Grind two butt joints and tack coat.

- 3. Streeter Woods Road: An Apron off from Route 118 onto Streeter Woods Road 40’ long by approximately 43’ wide with 2” thick winter binder.


- Two sections one on Streeter Woods Road and one on North Dorchester Road.

- 1. Streeter Woods Road: Approximately 4,840x18’. Approximately 9,680 sy. Reclaim, grade, and compact with water.

- 2. North Dorchester Road: Approximately 1,323x18’. Approximately 2,646 sy. Reclaim and grade only.

Shoulder gravel

- 1 ½ inch shoulder gravel for both paved sections on River Road (see above). 7,012 lf, 105 cy / 137 ton

Notes: Town will be supplying 1 ½ shoulder gravel, Sweeping, and traffic control will be provided by the Town. Compaction and water on North Dorchester Road will be provided by the Town.

Appointments may be set up the Road Agent to address any questions or concerns regarding the above invitation to bid. 603-786-2385 or

Bid Due Date: SEALED BIDS to be received prior to 1:00 pm, April 15th, 2021.

All bids are closed at that time

Bids will be opened at the Dorchester Town Hall located at 24 Town House Rd on

April 15th, 2021 at 6:30pm.

The Dorchester Select Board reserves the right to award the bids at the discretion of the Dorchester Select Board.

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