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Post cards were mailed out by the DRA to randomly selected property owners.

Dear Taxpayer,

As part of our duties under NH law, RSA 21-J:11-a, NH Department of Revenue Administration (DRA), randomly selected your property as part of a quality control review of current assessment and/or revaluation data in Dorchester.

A DRA Monitor may visit your property to verify the physical data listed on the property record card collected by the assessor If there is no objection, the DRA will measure the exterior of your structure(s). AN INTERIOR INSPECTION WILL NOT BE REQUESTED. If you object to the exterior review, please call (603) 230-5977 by 7/29/2022 as failure to reply to this notice constitutes visist permission. All DRA Monitors drive State of NH/DRA marked vehicles and have picture ID's at all times. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.



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