Dorchester Province Rd Bridge Feasibility

History behind the Demise of the Province Rd Bridge:

1. June 9th, 2005 rain event hit Dorchester.

2. 8”of rain in 6 hours

3. Rt 118 was shutdown- no access to Dorchester

4. Had to go thru Bristol to come into Dorchester.

5. Beaver dams and debris came down the Baker River, South Branch, cleaned out the channel for

the bridge.

6. Wing walls, headers and abutments affected.

7. Steel salvaged and Hardy snowmobile club built a bridge across for the snowmobile trials.

8. 2012 snowmobile bridge got washed out.

Prior Select board Actions:

1. Explanation of BOS in 2005 actions to look at bridge options.

2. Discussion of the process with FEMA

3. Various bridges were looked at.

4. Bond issues not an option at million dollar price tag.

5. No applications were done.

6. Special mtg to change Province Rd to a Class A Trail. Special Town Mtg 9-9-2006

7. 2009 Town hired Steve Iacuzzi as a grant writer due to the complicated nature of FEMA grants.

8. 2008 Dorchester Hazard Mitigation Plan was done so FEMA funds could come to the Town.

9. 2010 FEMA came in with money.

10. FEMA stated no money without Town support.

11. Bridge aid was pursued. An application was made and should be on file at the office.

12. Capital Reserve Fund for bridges was proof that the Town was behind the bridge.

13. HB 845 was proposed in 2005 for the purpose of getting support to replace the bridge but was

defeated because it was a bridge to nowhere.

Province Rd Bridge History:

1. 1772 Dorchester Town Charter was approved only if the Province Rd was built so the carriages,

stagecoaches and modes of transportation could travel from the Newfound Lake area to the

Lyme/ Hanover area.

2. Original bridge was built in 1930, rebuilt in 1999 and destroyed in 2005.

3. Known as the Old College Highway.

4. State advised the Town of Groton that Province Rd could not be turned into a Class VI Rd due to

Province Rd meeting two State highways, Rt 118 & RT 3.

5. Prior property owner came forward and offered to donate two acres to assist in the bridge


Class V Road Discussion:

1. Town has the duty to maintain roadway.

2. Has the Town been served a notice of deficiencies?

Concerns Discussed:

1. Residents need access to their property since they do pay their fair share of taxes.

2. No way to monitor the weight of trucks.

3. Cost of replacement of the bridge.

4. Donations from landowners.

5. HB 2016 adds money to the Bridge Aid Fund in the area of 2.5 million dollars.

6. Groton’s take on the bridge being replaced.

7. The 1st Bridge needs to be done

8. Pre-Mitigation Grant available for 1st bridge.

Motion: In concept, the bridge committee agrees to replace the Province Rd Bridge and figure out a way

to do it.

Bob Green / Dean Stockwell

Vote: 8 yes 0 no

Next Steps to Consider:

1. Engineer inquires

2. State Bridge Fund

3. Hydraulic testing

4. Survey

5. Request monies from BOS to do work

6. Need community support

7. Get Engineering costs

Assignments to Members:

1. Steve Bjerklie to get a list of State approved Engineers.

2. John Franz to get the Pioneer Bridge Information

3. All committee members to read the research posted on the Google Drive for the bridge

committee’s work.

Next Mtg: May 31st, 2016 7pm Dorchester Town Hall

Adjourned: 8:47pm

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