Building Community Resilience

Excerpts: Update on Mascoma Builds Community Resilience The Friends of Mascoma Foundation has been working with the UNH Extension on a project called Mascoma Builds Community Resilience since May of this year. UNH Extension received a grant to facilitate this project in three rural NH communities and Mascoma was selected as one of the three. This is different than the Enfield Master Planning process that a group is undertaking in Enfield, but we will be working collaboratively so that both groups can benefit from each other’s findings. We have held monthly Zoom meetings since May and our next meeting will be on Thursday, September 30th. It is not too late to get involved. I would be happy to bring you up to speed if you are interested in joining us at any point in time. We are using ‘resilience’ as a broad term and realize it is a bit ambiguous. The context of the project is rural communities emerging from the COVID-19 Pandemic and working together within their community to gather information, make organizational connections, apply lessons learned and re-emerge as a stronger community. Ways to get involved today—>

  1. We are trying to get a better understanding of what ‘community’ means to folks generally and specifically what they like (or do not like) about the Mascoma Valley Region. If you have not done so already please answer the three questions on the form link here:

  2. Review what we have worked on so far: Mascoma Builds Community Resilience ( This site has the topics we’ve covered so far in our meetings, important community data, ways participants can brainstorm, and much more! We hope to brainstorm renaming the project at our September meeting.

  3. Help us spread the word! Share information about this project with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc… The more folks that know about this project and participate the better the results will be!

  4. Join us for our September meeting on Thursday , September 30th from 3pm to 4:30pm. Zoom link here:

Read on » FOM to Distribute Coats and Warm Clothing in October While we will not be hosting our traditional warm clothing/coat drive and distribution event we will still be collecting coats and warm clothing that are in good condition during the month of September. We will then distribute these items at our public food pantries on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the second part of October. Stay tuned for details on distribution dates. If you have coats and warm clothing that are in good condition please reach out to Eula at to coordinate drop off. Thank you! Read on »

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