Broadband Survey

Good Evening Grafton County Town Administrators/Select Board Chairs and State Representatives/Senators,

First off, I want to thank anyone on this email who may be a veteran for their service to our country. With that said, I have some promising news. As you may know, the Grafton County Broadband Committee has been working with the Commissioners to develop broadband infrastructure across the County. The Committee recently reported that it had received grant funds to support high level design work for all municipalities in the County to connect into the middle-mile network, the so-called backbone. While we await more information that we can distribute about the high level design in your municipality, we have been receiving positive emails from NTIA asking follow up questions about our $26.2 grant application for the backbone project.

We anticipating receiving a decision this month on whether that was funded, but we have a huge favor to ask as it relates to one of the follow up questions. NTIA is looking for broadband speed data in every corner of the County. By Monday, we need to submit the data we have. A couple months ago we released a survey that had a broadband speed question in which we received close to 1,500 responses. While that's great, we are looking for more data.

What we need for you to do is to complete the 5 minute survey if you haven't already and to send it to everyone you know who lives in Grafton County.

The survey can be found here:

To get your speed data, you can go to

We're close to the finish line and very much appreciate your help!


The Grafton County Broadband Committee

--Andrew Dorsett

--Brigitte Codling

--Carina Park

--Michael Samson

--Nik Coates

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